Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2012, 2012 BIT Conference

June 14-15, 2012 - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Electronic Commerce Research Center, National Sun Yat-sen University
BIT Project, University of California at Los Angeles


Theme –Impacts of Social Media on Business Practices Worldwide


The Business and Information Technologies (BIT) Global Research Network is
a network of research institutions studying the impacts of new information and
communication technologies on business practices in various countries. It is led by
researchers at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.
The 2012 BIT conference addresses impacts of social media on business practices
worldwide. Social media have influenced the decision-making process and marketing
strategies in many industries, including media, financial services,
telecommunication, retail, etc. The conference will bring together
experts to address the impacts of these changes today and into the future.
Papers relevant to the conference theme are invited, but topics are not limited to
social media. Technology strategies in services, e-commerce, security, virtualization,
service engineering, service systems and service design and any other issues related to IT applications in business are appropriate. Applications may be drawn from any sectors including information intensive sectors in health care,
telecommunications, media, and professional services (e.g. legal, engineering, architecture).

The first day of the conference will be more oriented towards industries and practices,
with a predominance of industry speakers - CIOs, CTOs, VPs and Directors from
private and government enterprises. The second day will be oriented towards
academia and applied research with speakers including Faculty, Center Directors
and Researchers. Speakers from across the world will meet to discuss and further the thought of leadership efforts in this field.


Conference Topics

Topics appropriate for presenting at the conference include, but are not limited to:

• Impacts of social media on business practiecs (e.g., CRM, internal communication)

• Innovation in online services

• Social media in information intensive sectors such as entertainment, healthcare,etc

• Social media and consumer behaviors

• Social commerce

• Quality management in a sector (such as energy, financial services) via new


• Product-related service strategies

• Productivity and economic values of social media

• Strategic role of information technology in globalization

• Emerging marketing strategies in social media

• Changing business models and strategies with technologies and globalization

• Measuring impacts of social media in services

• Evolution of services with the Internet

• Collaboration across enterprises in the information age

• New services enabled by technologies

• Challenges and opportunities for sustainable services in today's global enterprises

• Sustainable business opportunities due to technological advances

• Other issues related to productivity and technological innovation in the

information age


Paper submission: 

Researchers from academia and industries are invited to submit

papers for the conference. A title and abstract are required; a working paper will
help. Proposals will be evaluated by a conference committee. Papers that apply
information technologies to enhance business productivity are preferred. There will
be no particular preference in research methods. Cases, data, surveys, or system
implementations are welcome.
There will be no conference publication. However, presentations will be recorded,
and will be placed on the conference site, along with presentation slides and papers,
subject to the permission from the authors. Selected high-quality papers may be
invited for journal publication.


Paper and abstract format

- Electronic files in word format. Please include affiliation and contact information
- Extended abstracts should include bibliography
- After the notification of acceptance, send the full-text paper (in APA style) and
online registration to the conference.


Submission deadlines: April 15, 2012



Please contact professor Ya-Ching Lee at yaclee@cm.nsysu.edu.tw, if you have any questions.




Conference Committee

Ting-peng Liang, Department of Information Management
Professor / Electronic Commerce Research Center – NSYSU


Ya-Ching Lee, Institute of Communications Management
Associate Professor / Electronic Commerce Research Center - NSYSU


Uday Karmarkar, Director of the UCLA BIT Global Research Networkr - UCLA Anderson School of Management.


Vandana Mangal,Research Director , BIT and Executive Director,Easton Technology Leadership Program - UCLA Anderson School of Managmeent.